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The Creative and Cultural domain has long been neglected in India. However, with the coming of age of a new generation of entrepreneurs with evolved aesthetics and creative training, this is rapidly changing. Even in more established businesses, the young management is eager to look at things afresh.

Many visionary initiatives have been launched in recent years and there is a need for academically rooted training in management and entrepreneurship to understand the deep nuances of this industry in order to build meaningful ventures at a global scale.

To satisfy this need, IIMA has been offering a unique workshop series called, ‘Crafting Luxury and Lifestyle Businesses’ (CLLB). This has now become a benchmark in entrepreneurial thinking and learning in Creative and Cultural Industries. In order to better define the outcomes and more accurately reflect its objectives, CLLB will now be replaced by Creative & Cultural Businesses Programme.

The programme will retain the essence of the CLLB structure and content but, keeping the new objectives in mind, it will be made more robust in training of entrepreneurial mindset and venture planning.

CCBP will welcome applications from diverse creative ventures such as but not limited to fashion, jewellery, home decor, interior design, architecture, art, food & beverage, hospitality, health & wellness and performing arts.

It will focus on domain knowledge and management frameworks as well as financial and commercial aspects of the business. The end of the programme will be marked by a launch pad event where the final business plans and products will be presented before the industry and investment veterans.

Applications for CCBP are now open. To Apply, please follow the link:

Last Date to apply for the program is July 16, 2018.

In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to us at

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