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Fintech for Women’s Financial Inclusion - Explorations in the Indian Dairy Sector

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Dairy production in India is anchored in 80 million rural smallholder households with marginal livestock holdings. Household-based production is influenced by the traditional gender division of labor, where men control the market and finances while women perform the bulk of daily dairy activities. Despite being time-consuming, women's work in dairy farming is unrecognized and undervalued. Women rarely have control over assets or decision making and have limited access to dairy income. Their work is considered part of domestic duties, limiting their financial independence.

Digital and tech-based financial solutions can help address this issue and promote financial inclusion for women dairy farmers in India. On January 17, 2023, a roundtable was held to discuss the current challenges and potential solutions for improving the financial well-being of women dairy farmers. The roundtable included experts, practitioners, dairy collectives, and fintech leaders, and featured group discussions and small-group brainstorming. This report summarizes the key insights from the exploration.

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