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Startup Ecosystem

As one of the foremost and leading startup platforms in India, CIIE.CO has developed an unparalleled repository of knowledge and perspective on what it takes to catalyse the founding and growth of game-changing startups. We continue to push forward in this direction through robust research and novel data. Our insights under this theme inform the academic research on incubation, function as a toolbook for incubator managers’ and provide food for thought for policy makers.

Our research under this theme is aimed at equipping founders with tools and guides that sharpen their strategic decision making and improve their operational plans. Our books on entrepreneurship - Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and Startup Compass - have become bestsellers. We extensively publish cases on startups that are used by educators to teach critical concepts and skills to undergraduate and post-graduate students and working executives.  We curate workshops, offer courses and host masterclasses on critical topics to enable entrepreneurs build game-changing companies with confidence.

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