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From clusters to customers: Startup opportunities in the Indian Crafts Value Chain

Updated: Feb 28

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has shaken up economies across the globe. The Indian handicrafts sector has also been severely hit - livelihoods have been affected, supply chains have been disrupted, and market channels have changed with different customers’ requirements. CIIE.CO studied crafts-based enterprises in India to map the present and future of the sector. This report dives into three distinct stages in the crafts value chain to outline the current state and comment on the promising future interventions. The report highlights the gaps and opportunities for startups to comment on and nudge growth pathways for the sector. Through this report, we aim to bring more attention to the startup opportunity in the craft sector in India. We are optimistic that a higher private sector participation will have spillover effects for last mile artisans and disappearing craft forms of India.

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