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Innocity — A Highly Customizable, DIY, Incubation Platform

Walking on the entrepreneurial road is not easy by any means. At CIIE, we understand the challenges that start-ups face. Having developed a deep understanding of the start-up ecosystem over the past decade, CIIE and Startup Oasis launched Innocity, an on-demand and highly customizable startup support platform. Innocity allows potential start-ups to avail customized guidance from professionals, mentors, startup founders, investors and other startup service providers.

Launched in June 2017, Innocity is a one of its kind DIY Incubation Support Program designed to offer an extensive array of startup workshops, mixers, events, demo days and meetups for entrepreneurs based in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Since the launch, Innocity has already supported more than 120 entrepreneurs in finding a solution to their start-up challenges. Innocity has enabled the participants to learn about various aspects of starting up, such as ‘Digital marketing’, ‘Unit economics’, ‘Understanding investors’, among others.

For detailed information about the modules, venue, timing, and speakers log on to


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