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Bharat Inclusion Sprint — Hyderabad

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Post-Event Picture featuring The Speakers and Bharat Inclusion Team at T-Hub Hyderabad

To continue our conversations with entrepreneurs around Bharat-centric business models enabled by open access technologies such as the IndiaStack, we conducted our fifth Bharat Inclusion Sprint at T-Hub Hyderabad on 27th September. This was in collaboration with local community partners in the ecosystem, who helped us reach out to startups from in and around Hyderabad and Telangana. The participants were primarily founders of early-stage startups with products that would benefit significantly from adopting the IndiaStack or by reaching out more effectively to the Bharat market. 30 startups attended the event and the sectors focus was Fintech and livelihood.

The session had a kickstart with Salim Vali (Sr. VP - Catalytic Capital, CIIE.CO)

and Saras Agrawal (VP - Bharat Fund). Have a glimpse of the session here.

The first session of the sprint featured Tanuj Bhojwani of iSPiRT Foundation sharing his insights shares his insights on various use cases of India Stack followed by his take on the much anticipated Aadhaar Verdict.

At previous Sprints, startups had indicated their interest in sessions that showcased IndiaStack implementations. So this time, we had an entrepreneur-led session at a Sprint — Abhinav Parashar (Co-founder, Digio) shared his entrepreneurial journey of building Digio — a startup focused on bringing paper-less, presence-less, hassle-free documentation to Indian consumers and businesses.

Preeti Anand of Ideas42

The last session was conducted by Preeti Anand and Aditya Jagati of Ideas42 and focused on leveraging Behavioral Science to better design Digital Financial Solutions for low-income customers.

Overall, the participants had key takeaways on overview and impact of India Stack, Implementation of India Stack APIs like eSign, eKYC, NACH and Behavioral Science 101 from the sprint. We witnessed them pro-actively interacting with the speakers and fellow attendees to voice their opinions and eventually clarify their doubts regarding technical concepts with Abhinav and Tanuj.

Post sprint, we interacted with a few startups to understand their challenges and the problems they are facing in implementing the APIs and catering to the Bharat segment — and how Bharat Inclusion Initiative can help in overcoming some of their challenges. Incredible energy at Bharat Inclusion Sprint at T-Hub. Thanks to all attendees for joining us.


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