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No Shortcut to Starting Up

Formcept Technologies

Suresh Srinivasan’s passion for technology is discernible from his education — master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from IIT Madras and his rich 16-year-long experience with global players such as Oracle. While working in large technology corporates in USA, Suresh focused on conceptualizing and delivering new projects and innovations. The sheer fun he had with them led him towards entrepreneurship. His deep product development experience at Oracle, India and the commercial nous he gained at IIM Bangalore fortified his ambitions and led him to founding Formcept Technologies.

Formcept offers a unified data analysis platform and provides actionable insights based on the enterprise data. Early on, it dawned upon Suresh that building innovation- based products without being backed by big brands was not going to be easy. Onboarding ESPN, a prestigious name in the analytics industry, for whom Formcept developed a comprehensive query-enabled platform to access cricket related data, set the ball rolling for the venture.

While technology was his forte, Suresh struggled in adjusting to the predominant ‘business culture’ in India. The slow pace of decision making and ambiguous commitments threw a spanner in his scheme of things many times over. Suresh, though, powered on. He was determined to build a product company in India to service customers across the globe.

“While there will be challenges at every step, but face the reality and bounce back.”

Suresh maintains that without his support system, particularly his spouse Deepa, his entrepreneurial dreams would not have become a reality. He also credits his success to his co-promoter, Anuj Kumar, and the relentless commitment and hard work of his team, the crucial pillars of any successful startup.

With his experience of working in various cultures, Suresh is a strong believer in the power of markets and customers. He believes that startups that deliver critical value to the customers are the ones that will go the distance.

With several well acclaimed Indian and global clients in Formcept’s kitty, Suresh is witnessing his dreams becoming reality. The variety and complexity of customer needs keeps him and his team excited. For a man in love with technology and problem solving, this is just the fuel he needs to keep going.

As he continues to create a space for Formcept in the enterprise product space, he continues to explore new technologies and goads his two sons towards technology too.

That’s surely another way to impact the future!

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