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Understanding Telemedicine in India: The Future of HealthTech

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

This report aims to accelerate the discourse on telemedicine and evangelise startup innovation in the sector. It intends to provide a holistic perspective on the startup landscape - it delineates and does a deep dive into four sub-sectors of telemedicine.The report identifies promising segments in each of the sub-sectors and captures current and emerging startups and technologies within them. It segregates these segments into nascent, emerging and mature on the basis of startup action.A ‘mature’ segment implies a noticeable number of startups offering devices and/or software solutions. An ‘emerging’ or ‘nascent’ segment implies very low or no startup action.Each chapter analyses gaps and opportunities for startups in the respective sub-sectors.They also include prominent examples of solutions offered by healthtech startups from India and abroad. Some of the opportunities explored in this report are still untapped by the healthtech startups and are open for further innovation by the intrepid entrepreneurs.

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