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Design for Bharat: Solving for Mistrust in Digital Financial Services

Updated: Feb 28

Robust technology rails in India are enabling access to financial services for those that have been left un-and underserved. However, access is not adoption. While there can be several interim gaps, evidence from across the world suggests how absence of trust acts as a salient deterrent in adoption of financial services particularly by the low- and middle-income groups. This study focuses on UX design as a tool to address the trust deficit and transform access into adoption of digital financial services.This report includes insights from consultations with leading fintechs, user research, and inputs from policy specialists and experts. It presents tools and resources to understand and address users’ mistrust in digital financial products and services, which may be specifically relevant for product designers, founders, think tanks, policy specialists and researchers driven to inform and solve the hard problem of financial inclusion in India.

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