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Catalyzing civic tech in India

Updated: Feb 28

This report will aim to help catalyze the civic tech sector in India. Specifically, we will:

• Provide a definition of civic tech in India by identifying emerging subsectors.

• Explore promising revenue models for startups in each subsector.

• Conclude with clear, actionable takeaways for investors, government leaders, philanthropic leaders and civic tech entrepreneurs.

The report is based on the experience of Village Capital and CIIE.CO working in the civic tech space in India. Village Capital first engaged with the civic tech sector through Civic Tech: India 2018, an accelerator program run by Village Capital and Omidyar Network India that was aimed at improving the investment-readiness of 22 startups. The accelerator featured more than 80 mentors including government leaders (Smart Cities Mission, Delhi Jal Board), venture capital firms and corporate partners. Additional insights were gained from a “Startup Roadshow” that Village Capital led in the cities of Kanpur and Ahmedabad, to find innovation happening outside of major Indian cities. On a mission to back game-changing entrepreneurs, CIIE.CO has filled gaps in promising sectors characterized by market failures and little institutional support. Civic tech has been one such sector where CIIE. CO has undertaken several interventions including accelerators, seed investments and in-depth research. In 2018, aiming to weave together a somewhat fragmented space and outline the market opportunity, CIIE. CO undertook an investigation of civic tech in India. Insights from this analysis and the experience of working with civic tech startups were distilled for this report.

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